Smart Home Insurance in Henderson, NV

Home insurance is not something many of us think about, but if something happened to our home, it would be catastrophic. A review of your policy is an important task to be done on a frequent basis especially if you make upgrades to your home such as adding a swimming pool, adding an additional detached garage, changing type of flooring or anything in my opinion! The reason is that the replacement cost of your home will change and the insurance replacement value will change. So your insurance agent needs to know that you made changes when you are finished with those changes. It would probably be a good idea to even get pictures of the new changes to your agent.

Home insurance in Nevada has a basic policy style. It has coverage for your home dwelling, which covers the home building including attached structures on the residence premises used principally as a private residence. Separate structures coverage covers separated property such as fences, walls, swimming pools, etc. The third section of your home policy is personal property. Personal property includes everything that you own or use anywhere in the world!

If you cannot live in your home due to a covered loss, Loss of Use Coverage will pay for your additional living expenses to live somewhere else.  If this home was a Rental, the rent that you would lose due to a covered loss would be reimbursed. Personal Liability and Medical Expenses for Guests are also covered in a standard policy up to the policy limits.

Many policies only give you just these coverages. Insurance policy options shouldn’t just be a matter of “here is the policy we offer and I hope it fits your needs.”  

Examples include Building Ordinance, Identity Shield, Specialty Property insurance riders for your guns, jewelry, silverware, furs, cameras, earthquake, Energy-Star Efficiency, flood, etc.

Do they only offer flat deductibles, percent deductibles, or both? How about declining deductibles? 

When was the last time you sat down with an Agent? Is everything up-to-date? Every company’s policy has special limits on certain kinds of personal property. Does your current policy come with a little extra fluff coverage that you don’t need?  Insurance companies should offer options.

Do you know the answers to these questions? We offer no obligation, free obligation free reviews of your policy. Please call us for a quote at 702-541-0882 or email a request to getinsurance@arisnv.com. Our website is https://gethelpwithinsurance.net

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