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Travel Trailer insurance is meant to cover trailers you have to hook up to your vehicle to tow. Travel trailer insurance often covers things like replacing items that were damaged or stolen from your trailer. It can also covers liability coverage specifically for damage to a campsite or another location where you’ve parked your trailer.

Travel trailer policies are fairly affordable and can give you extra peace of mind when you take off for your trip. Travel trailer insurance will help you recover if there is ever an accident, theft, or other damage to your trailer that could really hurt you financially.

A travel trailer is a temporary living space that is attached to a trailer and towed behind the primary vehicle, typically an SUV or truck. Travel trailers come in a variety of different models that can be equipped with very basic accommodations or elaborate living quarters.

You may be able to add trailer insurance to your automobile insurance policy or you can get a travel trailer insurance policy by itself. By purchasing separate conventional trailer insurance, you can be rest-assured that you will be protected from liability lawsuits and other mishaps. Additionally, this form of insurance will also cover your contents.

Liability insurance follows the vehicle that is towing it. Collision deductible and comprehensive deductible limits are determined by you, the consumer, and perhaps your lender. Be sure to consider how you will cover your costs if you are in an accident and do not have adequate coverage for your:

  • Travel Trailer: Towable motorhome
  • Fifth Wheel: typically attached by a trailer hitch
  • Towable motorhomes attached to a truck with a fifth-wheel hitch
  • Truck Campers: Add-on campers attached to a truck bed

Depending on the insurance company you choose, your additional coverage options may include:

  • Total loss replacement coverage
  • Liability coverage in the event that someone is injured or property is damaged while you are using your trailer.
  • Collision coverage to pay for damage to your trailer after an accident
  • Comprehensive coverage to pay for loss or damage resulting from theft, fire, or severe weather
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage, if a driver with little or no coverage is at fault in an accident with you
  • coverage for your personal possessions
  • Campsite and vacation coverage covers up to a certain amount for bodily injury and property damage that occurs in and around your travel trailer when you are using it on vacation.
  • Emergency expenses pays for lodging and transportation for you if your travel trailer is damaged and becomes unusable more than a certain distance from your home, so you re not stuck paying for a hotel room after an accident.
  • Towing and Roadside Coverage – If your travel trailer is totaled, this coverage pays to replace it with a brand new one.
  • Full-timer coverage if your trailer is your full time residence
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage

If you use your travel trailer in a business or commercial use, you will need a business policy in your business name rather than your personal name.

Some travel trailers are very small and are used only for storage, while others may contain a small sleeping area or include more amenities such as a kitchen area and bathroom facilities.  

The sleeping capacity of these trailers can also vary considerably. Some travel trailers can be folded or expanded into another level when they are parked. Some travel trailers can be used in a restaurant business.

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An utility trailer is an unpowered vehicle towed by a powered vehicle. It is commonly used for the transport of goods and materials. Sometimes utility trailers are used to tow ATVs, motorcycles, boats, contractor equipment, etc. Traditionally utility trailers are insured along with the vehicle pulling it. You can also add it to a commercial vehicle policy for business purposes.

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