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Boat insurance helps protect your vessel against unexpected events like accidents, theft, or natural disasters. Similar to car insurance, it provides coverage for various scenarios, such as liability if you damage someone else’s property with your boat, medical payments if someone gets injured while on your boat, or coverage for the boat itself in case of damage or loss.

Policies can vary widely, so it’s essential to consider the type of coverage you need based on your boat’s value, how you use it, and where you navigate. Getting quotes from different insurance providers is a good way to compare coverage options and find a policy that suits your needs.

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Boat insurance policies cover physical damage to the boat itself. They also cover property damage, theft and medical payments. Smaller boats can be covered on your homeowner’s policy, but it only covers liability while the boat is at the house. To get more comprehensive liability protection, get a standalone boat insurance policy.

Your tolerance for risk may be the determining factor in whether you decide to insure your boat. As with any potentially hazardous activity, having an insurance policy can help offset the risks associated with operating a boat on the water. Typically, boats are a serious investment and can be a significant cost in the event of an unexpected repair or accident. Ensure that you are educated and aware of the risks at play before deciding either way.

Most recreational vehicles do not require insurance be placed on them. But, if you take out a loan, the bank will require that you do. Boat marinas may also require that you have insurance.


Boat insurance is available in two types:

  1. Actual Cash Value policies pay for replacement costs less depreciation at the time of the loss. In the event of a total loss, used boat pricing guides are used to determine the vessel’s approximate market value. Partial losses ar settled by taking the total cost of the repair less a percentage for depreciation.
  2. Agreed Amount Value policies are based on a valuation of your vessel that you and your insurer have agreed upon; in the event of a total loss you will be paid the “agreed amount.” Agreed Amount Value policies will also replace old items with new ones in the event of a partial loss, without any deduction for depreciation.


  1. Physical loss or damage to the actual boat includes the hull, machinery, fittings, furnishings and permanently attached equipment. Physical damage exclusions might included normal wear and tear, damage from insects, mold, animals (such as sharks), zebra mussels, defective machinery or machinery damage.
  2. Theft of the boat
  3. Bodily Injury to persons other than the boat owner or his or her family.
  4. Damage caused to someone else’s property.
  5. Guest passenger liability includes any legal expenses incurred by someone using the boat with the owner’s permission.
  6. Medial Payments for injuries to the boat owner and other passengers.
  7. Trailer or boat accessories.
  8. Loss or theft of belongings may or may not be covered. Your homeowners policy may provide some coverage and boaters should specifically inquire about special equipment kept on the boat, such as fishing gear, to make sure it is covered.
  9. Towing in the evenr of an accident.


  1. Diesel powered craft is less hazardous than gasoline powered boats as they are less likely to explode.
  2. Ship-to-shore radios
  3. Coast Guard approved fire extinguishers
  4. Crew completion of boating and water safety education courses, such as those offered by the Boat U.S. Foundation, Coast Guard Auxilliary, U. S. Power Squadrons, Check with your carrier to verify before you take the course.

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