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ATV insurance is built to protect you and your off-road vehicle, whether you ride an ATV, a UTV, or a side-by-side. ATV Insurance protects your finances in the event of loss, damage, an accident, injury or theft of your ATV.  ATV insurance works similarly to auto insurance. Because ATVs can be risky – for the riders, passengers and those around them – your ATV insurance is designed to help cover the costs associated with a mishap or incident, as well as theft.   Here are some details:

  • Liability coverage will cover the costs of bodily injury and property damage up to a determined amount if you cause an accident.  It will also cover the cost of your legal fees if you are sued.
  • Collision coverage will pay for repairs to your damaged ATV after an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage is optional, and will provide protection if your ATV is stolen, damaged by fire, vandalism, or severe weather.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, also optional, will help cover your costs if another rider causes and accident, and does not have the insurance to pay for your expenses.

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You do not have to insure your ATV/UTV in NV. Should you though? Maybe…

Some think that your ATV could be under your homeowner’s insurance policy. Homeowners insurance excludes motor vehicles of any kind with little exception. When it comes to your ATV, you will need to purchase a separate ATV insurance policy to have coverage on it.

How much was your ATV? Could you lose that if it were stolen? Insurance can protect that risk. Ask us for multiple atv insurance quotes. We will quote you with many of the top-rated insurance companies. We do all the work at no charge–so call us today.

If you purchased your OHV on or after July 1, 2012, all off-highway vehicles greater than 70cc, and 1976 or newer, must be registered and display a registration decal to operate legally in Nevada. The cost for an annual registration is $21. Applications are accepted and decals are issued by mail only.

It’s sad that ATV’s are not street legal in Nevada so they do not fall under the motor vehicle insurance requirements. We would love to drive our ATV on the streets to go to the store! Anyone financing an ATV in Nevada will likely be required by the lending institution to insure the ATV.

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