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As I think about this past weekend when I watched my Mother-in-law die it brings me great pain to know that there are thousands and thousands of people who do not plan for this day in their life. Mom had her will, her burial plans in
order. I found out from my Mom that she and Dad bought their burial plot a few
years after they were married. They have been married since 1955. The year today is 2015. I just went home to Pennsylvania in 2023 and helped my Mom get better after falling. I went to the funeral home, and I gave them my Dad’s DD-214. That will give the funeral home time to get the form approved by the Department of Defense. When Mom passes away, my family will be able to choose the facing on the plate for the tombstone. My Dad was in the Korean War. He will get a special label on his tombstone. Mom wants Dad to be placed in Mom’s casket so they will be together forever.

What has changed in our economy? Why is it more important to plan a
vacation that will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and will only
last a week? As I talk to people I didn’t know at the airport, they asked me why I was on a trip. I told them that my Mother-in-law passed away. They told me they just took a vacation. They planned for the trip for several months. They had an itinerary and they spent a lot of money see the sights. I told them I was an agent. We discussed why they didn’t buy life insurance. I asked how long did you plan your trip and how much did it cost you to go on this trip. There were people that said that they spent thousands and thousands of dollars to go on one trip for one week.

Why is that more important than planning for your families’ future? If you weren’t here, who would pay for the mortgage or the utility bills? Your kids are in extra-curricular events. Who would pay for that so they can continue? Are there funds available if you are here anymore. These are responsible questions that every parent should answer.

Life insurance is less then 50 bucks a month for a lot of people younger than 40 years old. That is $600 a year. Some people spend $200 a month on meaningless things. Why is not planning for your future not important? Why do people not do anything for for the kids college savings plans to prevent debt and despair in the future?

May I put this into perspective. Buying life insurance will not make you die. Many people that I consulted would not buy life insurance because they thought they would dies after getting it.

Buying life insurance helps protect your kids or your wife in case you, the
breadwinner, dies sooner than expected. The beneficiary’s lives will continue on without despair. The despair part is what is important here. Not your concern for you dying just because you bought life insurance.

I have seen a lot of couples lately who have only one spouse working. I have seen a lot of parents who have kids who are the only parent working because they’re divorced. If you died today because of whatever reason, what would happen to your kids? If you’re single and you have no plans yet, you can still plan for the future and get life insurance at the cheapest rate because you will never be as young as you are today! May it is as simple in making sure that your kids go to the right schools. Will your kids go into the system? That means they will be taking care of by the courts. Do you want your kids to live with people you or they don’t know? That is what will happen if you don’t plan.

The courts will decide for you because you didn’t take the time to decide for yourself and your kids. I’m sorry but because you didn’t care about planning, your kids are the ones that pay. There are a lot of divorces out there. If you don’t have a will or a contractual life insurance policy, others will make decisions for you. Are you a control freak? That didn’t work so well, did it?

Your kids may also go back to the parent who you hate because that is the law if you don’t plan. Today’s world is crazy. After reading this you probably say that you can’t afford to do any of this. That is probably true because you’re spending thousands and thousands of dollars on a vacation! You’re wasting money and you’re not budgeting in areas that may be more important. It is not important to me whether you plan for your families future but it is important to me to let you know it is important. I hope I wake you up to reality.

I would like for you to find out how much life insurance will cost.  Jim and I have $200,000 on each other. That will pay the mortgage. But you can still spend thousand and thousands of dollars and hundreds and hundreds of dollars on clothes that you don’t need. You have 40 pairs of shoes in the closet. Why do you need more? Take care of your kids.

It a better idea to save some money for the college that will happen one day. Put some money in a life insurance. Save some money in a savings account for a rainy day. Maybe you can use that money for vacation but find out how much life insurance will cost and save you time and money for your kids and your spouse just in case you’re die sooner than naturally.

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